The Seipke Lab


Ryan F. Seipke, PhD

Associate Professor (2020 - Present)

Assistant Professor (2013 - 2020)


Postdoctoral experience:

NERC-funded postdoc, University of East Anglia (2012-2013)

MRC-funded postdoc, University of East Anglia (2009-2012)

USDA-funded postdoc, Cornell University (2008-2009)



PhD, Cornell University (2003-2008)

BA, Adrian College (1999-2003)

University of Leeds | School of Molecular & Cellular Biology | (e): r.seipke (at) | (t): +44(0) 113 34 35604






© Copyright Ryan F. Seipke 

Current lab members:

Dr. Arya Gupta (InnovateUK-funded KTP Associate from August 2022 - February 2025

Dr. Justin Clarke (BBSRC-funded postdoc from September 2021 - August 2024)

Dr. Asif Fazal (BBSRC-funded postdoc from March 2021 - February 2024)

Michael Brigham (BBSRC-funded PhD student from October 2020; Co-supervised by Glyn Hemsworth and Michael Webb)

Diaaeldin Elimam (Self-funded PhD student from October 2021 - September 2025; Supervised by Prof. Alex O'Neill)


Former lab members:


Dr. Bohdan Bilyk (BBSRC-funded postdoc from September 2016 - August 2019)

Dr. Daniel Francis (BBSRC NPRONET-funded postdoc from November 2017 - April 2018)



Daniel Van (Wellcome Trust-funded PhD student from August 2018 - March 2022)

Ayat Al-Tarawin (Self-funded PhD student from October 2015 - August 2019; Supervised by Dr. Kenneth McDowall)

Divya Thankachan (Leeds-funded PhD student from October 2015 - March 2019)

Valentina Corce Paullier (Visiting PhD student from Universidad de la Republica Montevideo, June 2019 - August 2019)



David Sharples (BBSRC NPRONET-funded research technician from March 2018; Supervised by Dr. Alex O'Neill)



Yue Zhang (Summer 2021; MSc student)

Thomas Billinge (2020-2021; MBiol student)

Michael Brigham (2019-2020; MBiol student)

Adel Hussein (2017-2018; MBiol student)

Thomas McLean (2015-2016; MBiol student)

Adam Jalal (2015-2016; MBiol student)



Lucy Joyce (Autumn 2021; Biochemistry BSc student)

Omni Thiessen (Autumn 2021; Biochemistry BSc student)

Cheuk Au (Autumn 2021; Biotechnology BSc student)

Cara Saunders (Spring 2020; Biochemistry BSc student)

Megan Cummings (Autumn 2018; Microbiology BSc student)

Amber Barker (Autumn 2018; Microbiology BSc student)

Nicholas Smith (Summer 2018; Microbiology BSc student)

Jack Gough (Autumn 2017; Biological Sciences BSc student)

Steven Weatherson (Autumn 2017; Microbiology BSc student)

Katie Poulter (Summer 2017; Genetics BSc student)

Michelle Goutziers (2016-2017; Erasmus student from Techniek College Rotterdam; Supervised by Dr. Alex O'Neill)

Rebecca Joynt (Autumn 2016; Biochemistry Ind BSc student)

Ellie Harris (Autumn 2016; Biological Sciences Ind BSc student)

Callum Ditondo (Autumn 2015; Biological Sciences BSc student)

Lucy Wallace (2014; Microbiology BSc student)

Emma Warriner (Summer 2014; Microbiology BSc student)