The Seipke Lab


Ryan F. Seipke, PhD

Lecturer/Assistant Professor: 2013 - Present


Postdoctoral experience:

NERC-funded postdoc, University of East Anglia (2012-2013)

MRC-funded postdoc, University of East Anglia (2009-2012)

USDA-funded postdoc, Cornell University (2008-2009)



PhD, Cornell University (2003-2008)

BA, Adrian College (1999-2003)


Current lab members:

Dr. Bohdan Bilyk (BBSRC-funded postdoc - from September 2016)

Asif Fazal (Wellcome Trust-funded PhD student from August 2017; Co-supervised by Dr. Michael Webb)

Divya Thankachan (Leeds-funded PhD student from October 2015; Co-supervised by Dr. Kenneth McDowall)

Ayat Al-Tarawin (Self-funded PhD student from October 2015; Supervised by Dr. Kenneth McDowall)

Connor Macey (Self-funded MRes student - from September 2017)

Adel Hussein (MBiol student - from September 2017)


Former lab members:

Katie Poulter (BSc student)

Rebecca Joynt (BSc student)

Ellie Harris (BSc student)

Thomas McLean (MBiol student)

Adam Jalal (MBiol student)

Callum Ditondo (BSc student)

Richard Webb (MBiol student)

Lucy Wallace (BSc student)

Emma Warriner (BSc student)

University of Leeds | School of Molecular & Cellular Biology | (e): r.seipke (at) | (t): +44(0) 113 34 35604






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